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2016 Seminar Dates!

Women's Fitness Programs

Woman Empowerment

So much more than just a fitness program..

We are here for you!

No matter what your goals are, we are here to help you achieve them.

Right now, GRG is undergoing construction from the inside out. We will be resuming all programs and classes in 2017! Stay tuned!                                                                                    

Who We Are

  1. November 15th

  2. November 22nd

  3. Dec 6th

To register, simply e-mail Andrea@Getreadygirls.ca to book your slot!


1 Seminar- $30

2 Seminars- $50  ($10 off!)

All four-  $70  ($20 off!)

‚ÄčEach seminar will be two hours long, and will cover a variety of topics in detail.

What will be covered:

25 to 45 minute workout, with detailed explanation for what is being covered. Each seminar will cover a different aspect of training.

10-20 minutes on stretching, or foam rolling.

10 minutes on meditation (guided, and instructions on breathing)

30-40 minutes on nutrition.

Guest speakers, goal setting, and mind exercises covered as well! We will cover Supplementation, stretching, and much more. Everyone will receive free e-books, workout books, recipe books and snacks! Simply bring cash on the day.

Details will be posted below. (Topics and details to come!)