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-WBFF Pro Bikini Model & Fitness competitor

-Internationally Published Fitness Model

-SHAPE Magazine Cover Model

-Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

-Nutrition Wellness Specialist (NWS)

-Specialist in Sports Nutrition (SSN)

-American Association of Drugless Practitioners

(AADP Certified

-Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC)

-Sponsored Athlete 

-First Aid and Level “C” CPR and AED

-Current Student

-Motivational Speaker

-International Online Personal Trainer

-Former Lifeguard (National Level Lifesaving NLS)

-Experienced Bikini Competitor Coach

Women's Fitness Programs

"There are a lot of trainers out there. With this exponential growth in the fitness industry in the last few years, the amount of personal trainers has grown at a rapid rate. I started GRG in 2009 because the industry was missing a fitness program that involves not only improving your health, but your mind set! Having the ability to be a positive influence on women and help people achieve their goals is the greatest gift. I wake up every day loving my job and my life, it’s cheesy but it’s true!

I love that I can share my passion for fitness and health with other people and help others realize their true potential. And the fact that over the years I have been lucky enough to meet (and hire) OTHER incredible women who have the same goals I do, just shows that the ripple effect is working and happening with our ladies!

My goal is to help all women look and feel healthy and beautiful. Self worth and gaining confidence are they key to change. My life goal is to change women worldwide to start living and respecting themselves-not just to feel good but feel sexy and feel like they can AND SHOULD do what makes them happy. Looking and feeling good from the inside out. What I tried to create with GRG is a support group of women, with one similar goal- happiness and healthiness.”

GRG’s main trainers are certified by more than one program, and the head trainer must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Kinesiology education. GRG has been successfully changing lives for 7 years. Why go with the imitators who have less experience? Never settle for less than the best- especially when it comes to your health. 

Andrea travels world wide, teaching women from all over about nutrition, health and how to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. 

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Yours in health, love and fitness,

Our Incredible Team!

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